ViperRAIL™ LED Illuminated Handrail System

A stylish yet functional LED handrail.


This luminaire is a high performance bespoke engineered handrail with integral IP65 LED lighting units for the illumination of stairs, walkways & bridges.

The ViperRAIL™ LED system is the ideal solution where stairs and walkways need to be illuminated in a discreet and uniform method.

Available with either brushed stainless, powder coated or warm-touch finishes. This handrail is suitable for both internal and external use.

The striking design features and the use of LED light, allows it to architecturally enhance the environment where it is installed. At the same time the ViperRAIL™ LED provides the essential safety requirements for pedestrians.


  • Project specific LED handrail system.
  • Handrail manufactured from 316 stainless steel.
  • Super tough IK10 polycarbonate luminaire optics and anodised aluminium heat sink.
  • Symmetrical / asymmetric distributions available.
  • 48mm diameter handrail.
  • In excess of 100,000 hours to L85 B10.
  • Class III luminaire SELV compliant.
  • Warm to touch coating available if required.
  • 4000 K CRI 75 light source as standard other colours available.
  • Full range of rail end terminations and supports available.
  • Dimming available as an option.
  • Can be connected to static inverter / ups to offer emergency operation.
  • LED module lengths available: 300, 600, 900 and 1200mm.
  • Can be used for compliance with building regulations Part K, BS5395, DDA.
  • Single and twin circuit wiring available.
  • Available in any paint colour.