ViperRAIL™ Modular Anti-Climb System


The ViperRAIL Modular Anti-Climb system is the ideal solution for installations where an illuminated handrail would be unsuitable.

This is a high performance, vandal resistant, bespoke engineered modular lighting, containment & anti-climb system.

The design creates a structure to discourage climbing for open bridge decks over roads & railways.

This slip fronted trunking system comes with its own containment compartment for through–wiring.

Unlimited additional containment compartments can be added for additional services + through wiring.

Our ViperRAIL Modular Anti-Climb system is available as individual luminaires or a continuous run.


  • Project specific LED slip fronted trunking system.
  • Manufactured from extruded aluminium.
  • Super tough IK10 polycarbonate luminaire optics and anodised aluminium heat sink.
  • Asymmetric distribution.
  • In excess of 100,000 hours to L85 B10.
  • Class III luminaire SELV compliant.
  • 4000 K CRI 75 light source as standard other colours available.
  • Dimming available as an option.
  • Can be connected to static inverter / ups to offer emergency operation.
  • 1000 and 2000 lumens per linear meter.
  • Single and twin circuit wiring available.
  • Inbuilt containment compartment.
  • Available in any paint colour.