Our vast range of lighting solutions to suit a number of applications.

Street Lighting

A premium collection of architectural luminaires.

Elite Collection

A street lighting division of ASD that specialise in exterior lighting.


ASD Lighting is pleased to present a comprehensive range of commercial lighting which has been designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards with design flair and creativity.

e-Motion™ Cloud

The e-Motion™ Cloud offers end-to-end Wireless lighting control solutions. Our system is installed in over 1,500 sites across the UK and Northern Europe.

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Intelligent Photocell Single Point

Thanks to the Photocell Advance function, these daylight sensors can built inside the fixture completely. The fixture is effectively controlled by the daylight sensor, automatic on/off operation based upon daylight.

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Microwave Single Point

The Lighting Control Microwave Single Point is a simple on off function featuring adjustable sensitivity, lux and time, with an internal daylight threshold – so it won’t trigger if there’s enough ambient light for the sensor.

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Master / Slave Control

All features: 868MHz FSK transmission mode (other Frequencies available). Supports e-Motion™ Corridor or organic style of response, dependent on occupancy. Rotary switch allows easy commissioning

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Basic Dim

The three most important criteria that modern lighting management systems have to meet are visual comfort, suitability to the tasks being performed and energy efficiency

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Comfort DIM

Properties Colour touch screen (7″). Background lighting with RGB LEDs. User-friendly application software. DALI system functions of addressing and grouping. USB and ethernet interface. Can

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The versatile DALI LS/PD Basic is a light and presence sensor, suitable for luminaire installation and ceiling mounting. It can be used purely as a

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Tridonic unveils ConnecDIM, an easy-to-integrate light management system solution for industry and commerce. The system, comprising ConnecDIM Gateway and ConnecDIM Cloud, combines cost efficiency and

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Enjoy pinpoint control of your lighting system straight out of the box with this comprehensive control unit for light management systems.

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An advanced, intelligent light management solution for commercial spaces seeking to optimize energy savings, streamline operations, improve occupant experiences and participate in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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e-Motion™ Corridor

The e-Motion™ Corridor is ideal for stairways and corridors where lighting is required to be on 24/7 but may only be used for a small amount of time.

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e-Motion™ Daylight

The e-Motion™ Daylight provides an easy to use cost effective constant lighting system. The sensors detect the available ambient light and use this as the basis for controlling the lighting system to achieve a defined constant light value.

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e-Motion™ One Touch

The e-Motion™ One Touch provides a simple but ingenious way of switching and dimming up to 25 ballasts (Digital H.F regulating), all with a simple conventional mains voltage switch.

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e-Motion™ Microwave

The e-Motion™ Microwave are remote or integral microwave detectors which upon sensing movement switches all luminaires on the system up to full output.

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e-Motion™ Scene

The e-Motion™ Scene is an infrared scene setting system, which provides 3 programmable scenes for a variety of applications, such as conference rooms, meeting rooms,

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e-Motion™ Emergency

The intelligence of individually addressable EmPRO emergency lighting unit is now available for small emergency lighting systems. This is thanks to the new e-Panel, which

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