Master / Slave Control

All features:

  • 868MHz FSK transmission mode (other Frequencies available).
  • Supports e-Motion™ Corridor or organic style of response, dependent on occupancy.
  • Rotary switch allows easy commissioning of small installations (15 groups).
  • Remote control “teach ‘n learn” allows unlimited groups.

Usage suitability – Corridors, washrooms, lobbies, etc.

  • There are two types available with group settings either via rotary switch grouping or remote control selection.
  • Perfect solution for retrofitting where rewiring is not possible.
  • Transmitter range 30m indoor, 100m in open space.
  • Daylight threshold selectable.
  • Mounting height max 6m.
  • RF Frequency 915MHz (FSK mode).
  • Detection range max (DxH) 12m x 6m.
  • User commissioning.