Wired DALI broadcast controlled via Bluetooth (phone, tablet etc.).

Wired DALI broadcast controlled via Bluetooth (phone, tablet etc.).

Do you want total control over your lighting, including an option to regulate it from your smartphone? But worry that it might involve complex, difficult to use equipment? Worry no more!

The Luxeye is a lighting control unit with an integrated light and presence sensor, and DALI broadcast output channel, that works out of the box. Now you can ensure cost-effective, well managed use of light in areas such as offices, conference rooms, training rooms and corridors.

The Luxeye regulates light and light intensity according to the presence of people and of ambient light.

You can change the preselected settings quick and easy at the unit with only a screwdriver. Or, you can control the settings from a smartphone, using the free app available from the iOS or Android app store.

With the Luxeye as part of your total lighting system, you can be certain that money is not wasted on light that is not needed, while providing reliable, high quality light exactly when and where appropriate. All in a simple, straightforward and reliable way.