Harmony Halo 564mm

A circular decorative luminaire with a halo backlight & a range of output / dimming options.


  • 450mm and 564mm base sizes available.
  • A combination of direct lighting & back lighting.
  • Halo effect with white or coloured back light.
  • IP20.
  • Ceiling (surface / suspended) & wall mounted.
  • 5 Year LED guarantee.
  • White colour finish as standard, satin aluminium, chrome & brass colour options available.
  • Spun aluminium body & vandal resistant premium opal polycarbonate diffuser.


  • Fluorescent options available.
  • Digital Dimmable available.
  • Night Light option available.
  • Drop pendant kit available.
  • Microwave on / off available.
  • e-Motion™ Corridor available.
  • Emergency option available.
  • DSI / DALI Dimmable available.
  • LED 1800.
  • LED 3000.
  • Back light: Vandal resistant polycarbonate in opal with self-extinguishing fire properties (Colour options available).
  • Body: Spun aluminium.
  • Diffuser: Vandal resistant polycarbonate in premium opal, with fire extinguishing properties.

  • Wall or ceiling mount.
  • BESA fixing and rear cable entry with 3 way mains terminal block (4 way for emergency).
  • Drop Wire Pendant available in various lengths.

  • Satin Aluminium – HA5/F
  • Chrome – HA5/H
  • Brass – HA5/Z
  • White – HA5/W


Product Codes

CodeColourDiffuserCCTSystem PowerDelivered LumensEfficacyDatasheetOptions
HA5/WL4LED1800WhitePremium Opal4000K16.6W1731lm104lm/WDownloadShow Options
CodeOption 1Option 2Datasheet
HA5/WL4LED1800M-9DALI / DSI DimEmergencyDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800-CFS10e-Motion™ Slave Dim 10% PresetDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800M-CFS10e-Motion™ Slave Dim 10% PresetEmergencyDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800-CFP10e-Motion™ Master Dim 10% PresetDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800M-CFP10e-Motion™ Master Dim 10% PresetEmergencyDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800-CFSe-Motion™ Slave DimDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800M-CFSe-Motion™ Slave DimEmergencyDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800-CFPe-Motion™ Master DimDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800M-CFPe-Motion™ Master DimEmergencyDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800-DDDDALI / DSI DimDownload
HA5/WL4LED1800M-DDDDALI / DSI DimEmergencyDownload
HA5/WL4LED3000WhitePremium Opal4000K34.4W3579lm104lm/WDownloadShow Options
CodeOption 1Option 2Datasheet
HA5/WL4LED3000-9Microwave On/OffDownload
HA5/WL4LED3000M-9EmergencyMicrowave On/OffDownload
HA5/WL4LED3000-CFSe-Motion™ Slave DimDownload
HA5/WL4LED3000M-CFSe-Motion™ Slave DimEmergencyDownload
HA5/WL4LED3000-CFPe-Motion™ Master DimDownload
HA5/WL4LED3000M-CFPe-Motion™ Master DimEmergencyDownload
HA5/WL4LED3000-DDDDALI / DSI DimDownload
HA5/WL4LED3000M-DDDDALI / DSI DimEmergencyDownload



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