e-Motion™ Corridor (On/Off) – CFDP Single Point

24h Daylight Monitoring Function

Now with Photocell Advance technology, natural daylight will override the occupancy sensor.

Automatic on / off, based upon natural daylight conditions, our innovative and patented software enables our antenna with built-in daylight sensor to provide a “smart photocell” or dawn / dusk function from behind the luminaire cover, preventing the need to drill for an external photocell. This function is activated when the standby period is set to “+∞”.

Usage suitability – Corridors / Washrooms / Lobbies etc. Where ambient light is available during daylight hours.

  • Commissioning via HRC-11 remote or dip switches on the driver.
  • Detection range, hold time, daylight threshold standby time and standby dimming level can all be pre-set.
  • Fitting will turn OFF when the ambient light threshold is met.
  • User commissioning

The light switches on at 100% when there is movement detected.

The light dims to stand-by level after the hold-time.

The light remains in dimming level at night.


The light turns off completely when natural light reaches above daylight threshold.

The light automatically turns on at 10% when natural light is insufficient (no motion).

Settings on this demonstration:

  • Hold time: 10 min
  • Daylight threshold: 50lux
  • Standby dimming level: 10%
  • Standby period: +∞