e-Motion™ Corridor (Down to 10%) Single Point

The e-Motion™ Corridor enables the illuminance to be linked to the presence or absence of people.

A conventional relay motion sensor is connected. The luminous intensity is increased when a person enters the room. When the person leaves the room the motion sensor switches off after a certain delay and the luminous intensity is automatically reduced.

The e-Motion™ Corridor is particularly beneficial in applications in which light is needed round the clock for safety reasons, for example in public buildings, large apartment complexes, car parks, pedestrian underpasses and underground railway stations. Since the luminous intensity only has to be increased when there is a demand for light the e-Motion™ Corridor offers effective lighting management and helps save energy and costs. Another benefit of the e-Motion™ Corridor is the enhanced convenience of automatic lighting controls.

Usage suitability – Corridors / washrooms / lobbies etc.

  • Basic e-Motion™ Corridor dimming to 10%.
  • Fitting will stay on at 10% day or night.
  • Internal photocell disabled.
  • ON time set on microwave.
  • Sensitivity set on microwave.
  • User commissioning.