Corrido™ LED 1200

A high performance, shallow profile LED luminaire.


  • White colour finish (satin aluminium available on request).
  • Steel body, powder coated in RAL9016 with a polycarbonate diffuser and vandal resistant endcaps.
  • Ceiling, suspension or BESA mounting.
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • Available in 3 body sizes.
  • Suitable for areas where infection control is required. Hospital Technical Memorandum: “Lighting should be planned so lamps can be easily cleaned
    with no ledges or ridges where dust can gather”.
  • 50,000 hours to L70.
  • 5 Year LED guarantee.
  • IP20.


  • Emergency option available.
  • 3000 K available on request.
  • Microwave On/Off available.
  • DSI / DALI Dim options available.
  • e-Motion™ Microwave master & slave dimmable available.
  • LED 3000, 6000, 9000
  • Body: Powder coated steel fabrication.
  • Diffuser: Flame retardant opal polycarbonate – UV stabilised.
  • BESA fixing and rear cable entry, 3 way mains terminal block. 4 way terminal block for emergency versions.
  • F Mark
  • CE
  • BS EN 60598
  • Class 1
  • White – CD7/W
  • Satin Aluminium – CD7/F

Product Codes

CodeColourDiffuserCCTSystem PowerDelivered LumensEfficacyDatasheetOptions
CD12/WL4LED3000WhitePremium Opal4000K27.6W3102lm112.4lm/WDownloadShow Options
CodeOption 1Option 2Datasheet
CD12/WL4LED3000-9Microwave On/OffDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000M-9EmergencyMicrowave On/OffDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000-CFSe-Motion™ Microwave Master DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000M-CFSEmergencye-Motion™ Microwave Master DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000-CFPe-Motion™ Microwave Slave DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000M-CFPEmergencyDALI / DSI DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000-DDDDALI / DSI DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000M-DDDAnalogue DimMicrowave On/OffDownload
CD12ST/WL4LED3000MSelf Test EmergencyAnalogue DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000-DAAnalogue Dime-Motion™ Microwave Master DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED3000M-DADALI / DSI DimAnalogue DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000WhitePremium Opal4000K48.2W5618lm116.5lm/WDownloadShow Options
CodeOption 1Option 2Datasheet
CD12/WL4LED6000MEmergencyAnalogue DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000-9Microwave On/OffDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000M-9EmergencyMicrowave On/OffDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000-CFSe-Motion™ Microwave Master DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000M-CFSEmergencye-Motion™ Microwave Master DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000-CFPe-Motion™ Microwave Slave DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000M-CFPEmergencyDALI / DSI DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000-DDDDALI / DSI DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000M-DDDAnalogue DimDALI / DSI DimDownload
CD12ST/WL4LED6000MSelf Test EmergencyAnalogue DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000-DAAnalogue DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED6000M-DAEmergencyAnalogue DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000WhitePremium Opal4000K100.7W9964lm99lm/WDownloadShow Options
CodeOption 1Option 2Datasheet
CD12/WL4LED9000-9Microwave On/OffDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000M-9EmergencyMicrowave On/OffDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000-CFSe-Motion™ Microwave Master DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000M-CFSEmergencye-Motion™ Microwave Master DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000-CFPe-Motion™ Microwave Slave DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000M-CFPEmergencye-Motion™ Microwave Slave DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000-DDDDALI / DSI DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000M-DDDEmergencyDALI / DSI DimDownload
CD12ST/WL4LED9000MSelf Test EmergencyAnalogue DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000-DAAnalogue DimDownload
CD12/WL4LED9000M-DAEmergencyAnalogue DimDownload



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