Tridonic unveils ConnecDIM, an easy-to-integrate light management system solution for industry and commerce. The system, comprising ConnecDIM Gateway and ConnecDIM Cloud, combines cost efficiency and user-friendly design with decentralised light monitoring and control options from anywhere in the world.

Product features

  • Independent lighting control for up to 256 DALI gears on 4 DALI lines.
  • Can be expanded by connecting multiple gateways on the same network.
  • Cloud based web interface for configuration and monitoring.
  • Simple setup via mobile App or Cloud service.
  • Status LED for indicating the operating status.
  • Connects to Tridonic DALI Interface RS232 PS/S.
  • Works with Tridonic DALI comfortDIM portfolio.
  • Cross DALI line control with DALI XC, DALI touchPANEL and DALI MSensor.
  • Freely programmable daily scheduling with calendar function.
  • DALI emergency lighting unit test scheduling and monitoring via the ConnecDIM Cloud.
  • Cloud based maintenance, email alerts, predictive warnings and visual monitoring.
  • Open JSON-RPC TCP control protocol for linking to building automation systems.
  • 5-year guarantee.

#1 Set up your DALI Network

With sensors, pushbuttons, touchpanels and DALI devices – all connected to a DALI line.

#2 Install ConnecDIM Gateway

Links the DALI lines and enables interoperation between all DALI standard devices. Enables wireless control through a standard WiFi router with an iOS or Android device. Once connected to the internet, it uploads all lighting data to the ConnecDIM Cloud.

#3 Download the Smartphone App

ConnecDIM Lite: Made for users to control their individual lights within the WiFi Network.

ConnecDIM Architect: Made for commissioning used by electrician / integrators and for maintenance.

#4 Login to ConnecDIM Cloud (optional)

Online 24/7 worldwide available service through an internet browser on Windows or Mac. Monitoring site remotely, schedule synchronisation, maintenance, emergency lighting tests, energy monitoring, offsite backup, global management & reporting.