Basic Dim

The three most important criteria that modern lighting management systems have to meet are visual comfort, suitability to the tasks being performed and energy efficiency – compactDIM supports all these. With just a small addition you can turn your luminaire into an intelligent system. Compact and with low stand-by losses, it will then save you energy.

Usage suitability – Corridors, small offices, classrooms, etc.

  • BasicDIM wireless module.
  • Wireless control from Android / iOS device.
  • Forms a wireless communication network with up to 127 nodes.
  • Commissioning via mobile phone / tablet device.
  • Individual / group control via app.
  • BasicDIM wireless user interface.
  • Battery powered wireless wall switch.
  • 4 scenes.
  • Dim up / down.
  • User commissioning.

DALI Touchpanel Basic

The Dali Touchpanel basic performs a variety of lighting tasks in small and medium-sized rooms such as offices, hotel rooms, classrooms and meeting rooms and is very easy to use.

Luminaires can be switched on and off, dimmed and grouped via the control panel with six individually assignable keys.

The DALI Touchpanel basic is available in the four layouts:

  • Combination.
  • Group.
  • Scene.
  • Tuneable White.

Another advantage is the ease of commissioning by means of a DALI connection. What’s more, lighting scenes can be saved and colour temperatures can be set. Using simple rotary switches, up to 15 lighting scenes and 14 groups can be defined. Another benefit is simple commissioning thanks to DALI connection and four preprogrammed types.

BasicDIM Wireless​

Integrated in the luminaire, the BasicDIM wireless module allows anyone to have convenient, wireless interaction with luminaires, including configuration, commissioning and lighting control by the user. Simple control using Bluetooth smart can already be observed from the compact user interface. Its eight buttons enable switching on and off, dimming, scene selection and the setting of the colour temperature and light proportion. The lighting control can also be operated using an app.