Smart City Expo – Barcelona 2018

The Highway Diamond Elite Range took to the floor at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona from 13th to 15th November.

The Highway Diamond Elite took to the floor at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

The event took place between the 13th – 15th November.

It drew a great deal of attention from: Utility Providers, System Integrators and environmental conscious representatives from towns, cities, governments & municipalities around the world.

During this well-attended and high profile event, future-thinking Smart City project stakeholders were able to witness the Highway Diamond Elite fitted with DALI 2 intelligent driver plus two multi-functional sensors, both Zhaga compliant and NEMA. The system provides dimming functionality through both movement and daylight within individual luminaires, or part of a larger mesh network.

Smart City Expo - Barcelona 2018 1

The exhibition stand let attendees see a live demonstration of how easy the controls are to program. Additionally, this showed how the latest sensor and driver technology feedback a wide variety of both user friendly and user critical data on:

  • Lighting Asset Management (end of life, faults, replacement planning).
  • Lighting control (standard usage & emergency situations).
  • Accurate energy consumption feedback (active power).
  • Parking Management technology.

This is another major step forward for ASD Lighting who were recently voted Luminaire Manufacturer of the Year 2018 by the HEA. The Highway Electrical Association incorporates all the main street lighting contractors in the UK. During the same event we received a High Commendation in the Product of The Year Category for our Highway Diamond.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any Smart City application enquiries. We will be happy to visit you and demonstrate the system capabilities. Contact either:

  • Richard Chaplin, Director of Export ( for outside the UK.
  • Nathan French, Street Lighting Sales Manager ( for inside the UK.

Finally, thank you to Tridonic for hosting the stand, Tridonic of Austria for the Driver technology, and Paradox Engineering of Switzerland providing Software and Gateway User Interface.

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