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Interior Lighting

An internal 600 x 600 luminaire ideal for office lighting.


Microprism Diffuser.

The ASD Lighting Rhapsody range of interior luminaires has gained a new addition to the collection, the microprism diffuser series.


Improved Efficacy.

The improved efficacy is down to the new microprism diffuser which provides up to 110lm/W while still maintaining visual comfort.


Lithium Emergency Lighting.

Lithium emergency lighting offers quality batteries that have a low parasitic load, huge emergency savings per annum and a much longer lifetime when compared to NiCd batteries.
Rhapsody Microprism 1
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Rhapsody Microprism 2
  • Recessed ceiling mounted.
  • White colour finish.
  • 100% moulded polycarbonate – Seamless edges.
  • Single shot injection moulding.
  • No paint to scratch.
  • Fixed metal gear tray with wiring hatch.
  • Building regulation Compliant part B.
  • Suitable for lay in application within a 15mm and 24mm tee bar grid system.
  • Designed for office lighting and is suitable for areas with display screen equipment (DSE) workstations.
  • 25% lighter than steel version.
  • Lightweight design (3kg).
  • IP20.
  • 5 Year LED guarantee.
  • Emergency option available.
  • DSI / DALI Dim / Analogue options available.
  • 3000 K available on request.
  • Plug & Play options available.
  • Tuneable white option available.
  • e-Motion™ Microwave Dimming options.


Rhapsody Microprism 3
Applications not limited to

Lighting Controls

Rhapsody Microprism 4
Rhapsody Microprism 5

With SwitchDIM it is possible to create lighting systems that can be easily switched and dimmed at low cost. The key is simple but clever. It involves using mains voltage switches for lighting control. The different switching and dimming functions are performed depending on the operating status at the time and how long the switch is pressed. A short press on the switch switches the connected ballasts on or off; holding down the switch will fade the connected ballasts up or down. Requires no other components or parts other than a simple retractive switch.
To specify add “-DD” to the end of your part code.

Rhapsody Microprism 6

With the right choice of individual DALI components an extremely wide range of requirements can be met, from operating the lighting system from a simple light switch to lighting management systems for entire office complexes with thousands of light sources. The standardisation means that there are no longer any restrictions on the application of this technology. Offers unbeatable flexibility, simple luminaire installation with a single data pair in star, series or parallel wiring topologies. Distributed intelligence with feedback and reporting from luminaires to report status, faults or failures – (controls system dependant).
To specify add “-DDD” to the end of the part code.

e-Motion™ Microwave Motion Sensor - On/Off
Rhapsody Microprism 7

A simple presence detection sensor using microwave technology, used to switch on the luminaire on detection of movement. Ideal for use in WC’s, Corridors, Offices, Classrooms, Cupboards and anywhere else a simple automatic detection of presence is required. The luminaire will switch off after a pre-set time.
To specify add “-9” to the end of your part code.

e-Motion™ Microwave Corridor
Rhapsody Microprism 8

Similar to our Microwave Motion sensor above but with added intelligence to enable the light to go into a setback mode when no presence is detected. The standard setback level is 10% which enables Stairwells, Lobbies, Corridors etc. to maintain a low level illuminance for safety, security and the wellbeing of building occupants who may feel uneasy entering an entirely dark space. On detection of movement the luminaire will immediately ramp up to 100% output, returning to 10% after a period of inactivity (variations available on request). Offers excellent energy savings while maintaining a level of illumination.
To specify, add “-CFP” to the end of your part code. Slave units also available as “-CFS”.

e-Motion™ Cloud
Rhapsody Microprism 9

The eMotion™ Cloud system from ASD Lighting is a completely wireless system offering premium features such as standalone or group dimming, live energy monitoring, fault reporting, emergency lighting testing & reporting and much more. The wireless functionality utilises a module contained inside each fitting, the module then communicates with other modules and control modules to create a network of interconnected products. Ideal for new and retrofit installations however offers unparalleled ease of installation in retrofit situations as no additional wiring is needed for operation.
To specify please speak to your account manager or contact ASD directly.

Rhapsody Microprism

Order CodesColourDiffuserColour Temp.System PowerDelivered LumensEfficacy
R6M/WM4LED3000WhiteMicroprism4000 K27.9 W3082 lm110.4 lm/W
Rhapsody Microprism 10

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