e-Motion™ Cloud

Wireless Lighting Controls

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End-to-end Wireless lighting control solutions ideal for offices, warehouses, industrial, retail, car parks and many more lighting applications.



  • Wireless lighting control system, incorporated internally to the luminaires to allow for ease of install and simplified commissioning.
  • Works with PIRs and Daylight sensors.
  • Wall mounted wireless switches can be incorporated if manual control is required.
  • Works with self-test emergency to provide a fully automated and self-reporting emergency lighting system.
  • No on-going charges or fees.
  • Free online and off-site support including remote login to commissioning tablets / installed sites.
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Why e-Motion™ Cloud?

  • Wireless Lighting Control which leads to reduction in cost, power consumption and carbon footprint.
  • All products confirm compliance with Radio Equipment Directive, RED 2014/86/EU and The Luminaire Standard (BS 60598).
  • Emergency lighting tests are run automatically and reports generated avoiding the need for manual recording of results.
  • Each Wireless luminaire is programmed to operate using drag and drop menus.
  • No complicated electrical installation.
  • Change individual luminaire operation to improve light usage without the need to alter any wiring.
  • No limit to the number of luminaires that can be controlled.

Core System

  • Every luminaire will have a wireless controller.
  • The only connections to the luminaires are Live, Neutral and Earth.
  • This includes the emergency luminaires which no longer need a separate switched live.
  • One Luminaires per zone might have a daylight sensor. Wireless scene-plates might be added for scene-setting.
  • That’s it! There are no remote sensors, Lighting Controls Modules, network controllers or head-end PC onsite.

Cloud Control & Data

For the system to operate no connection to the internet is required. The e-Motion™ Cloud Hub is only required when the wish for external monitoring of energy consumption and the collection of emergency status feedback is wanted on a site.

We can supply what we call e-Motion™ Cloud Hub. These simply need a power supply and internet connection with no commissioning required. They collect the information and data from the luminaires around them (no limit to number of devices) and then upload this once per hour. The internet connection can be via:

  • Hard Wired Ethernet
  • 3G Dongle
  • Wi-Fi

The number of e-Motion™ Cloud Hub’s required is dependant on the type of building and environment so should be discussed with the ASD Lighting team prior to specifying.

Optional Cloud Monitoring

  • The system can be linked to the internet by adding an e-Motion™ Cloud Hub.
  • The online portal can now be used to monitor and control emergency lighting, energy usage, occupancy heat mapping and e-mail alerts for maintenance.


  • Import, sketch or photograph each zone. Wirelessly identify fittings and drag onto the drawing.
  • Assign and edit profiles.
  • Link fittings into unlimited overlapping groups for occupancy daylight and scene controls



The requirement for Lighting Controls in the office comes from many sources, building controls regulations, environmental standards, the desire to save energy and sometimes the desire to be seen to be saving energy. Modern controls with tunable white light can enhance rather than detract from the office environment and have become an essential part of the wellbeing environment.

Warehouses & Industrial

Industrial premises offer the shortest investment payback times from lighting controls. The luminaires are more powerful and so the savings per luminaire are greater while the on-cost of controls per luminaire is the same.


Control systems for retail chains are all about offsite management and control. The lighting controls requirement behind the scenes is like other commercial premises but the front-of-house requirement is very different. The visible lights should never switch off during trading hours, else the store looks closed.

Car Parks

Lighting Controls in car parks pose a set of challenges which arguable can only be solved with wireless controls. An optimum solution needs almost as many overlapping groups as the number of luminaires. Previous attempts to solve this with DALI have been complicated and, even where they appear to work at the outset, fall into disuse after the first attempt at any modifications or maintenance.

User Benefits


Installation times are reduced over other control systems as the only requirements are L/N/E to each luminaire replaced.


Commissioning times are also reduced due to ease and simplicity of the commissioning app and process, this means the system is up and running quicker and for a lower cost.


No specialised head end pc or control centre required, all data is access via a web portal accessible from any computer with an internet connection.


The system has no high initial cost associated, so customer can start small and then progressively add areas, this helps if securing large funding up front is an issue.


Inclusion of the self-testing emergency function means no manual testing of emergencies required saving labour time and security that full duration tests are being carried out and any failures are spotted & can be actioned immediately.


Working on 868mHz the system will not interfere with any Wi-Fi already operating at a site as these operate at 2.4Ghz.

Online Portal

Energy Graphs

Energy Monitoring

Why not a DALI wired system?


  • Wiring
  • Power Supplies
  • LCMs
  • Head-End


  • Locating, Addressing and Grouping Fittings


  • Re-addressing
  • Fault-finding


  • Complicated and Expensive


  • Presence Detection
  • Grouping
  • Dimming
  • Daylight Detection
  • Scene Setting
  • Emergency Monitoring
  • Driver and Board Status
  • Energy Measuring
  • Off-Site Monitor & Control
  • Remote Scheduling System
  • Colour Temperature Control


  • SRDs
  • PIRs
    Android Tablet
  • No Mesh
  • No Hubs
  • No PC
  • No Wires

Switches, Controllers & Monitoring

e-Motion™ Cloud 6 Scene Switch Plate

6 Button stainless steel push-to-make switch plate to be used with Scene Set Dimmer Controller (other switches can be used).

e-Motion™ Cloud Scene Set & Dimmer Control

e-Motion™ Cloud Scene Set & Dimmer Control

e-Motion™ Cloud Hub

An internet enabled device that collates energy data from sites and can be used for remote access / commissioning in a IP21 enclosure (excludes a 3G dongle).

e-Motion™ Cloud IP65 Hub

Same as a e-Motion™ Cloud Hub but for industrial use (excludes 3G dongle).

e-Motion™ Cloud Commissioning Software

The main commissioning software tool.

e-Motion™ Cloud Android Commissioning Interface

A bridge interface between android tablets and our control system.

Available on Request

Central Battery System Controller
Central battery system that can be linked in to most UPS’s to monitor for faults and schedule function tests in a IP56 enclosure.

6m PIR
6 metre range PIR for office or indoor low ceiling use. 500mm cable c/w bung.

Office Daylight Sensor
Daylight sensor ideal for fitting in office tiles next to window.

12m PIR
12 metre range PIR for high level use. 500mm cable c/w grommet.

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