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ASD Lighting provides finance options to help fund project installation costs.

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Would you like to add to your company's bottom line for little or no capital outlay?
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Why LED Lighting?

LED lighting provides substantial energy savings, reduces carbon emissions and can enhance light levels, improving the workplace environment and productivity. The longer life expectancy of LED light sources can also significantly reduce maintenance costs.

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Why Wait?

Whilst most business owners understand the advantages of switching to LED, the number one objection is the lack of capital budget to fund the installation. Depending on the project variables, return on investment could be as quick as two years, but many business owners struggle to have the required level of capital readily available to carry out the works.

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Self-Funding Finance Solutions

Using a finance solution allows you to have LED lighting installed immediately, deriving the benefit over time. In most cases, energy savings are much higher than the finance repayments, resulting in an immediate return on investment along with an enhanced working environment and additional savings adding to your bottom line.

There are various self-funding solutions which include Finance Lease, Hire Purchase and Commercial Loans. Some facilities attract substantial tax advantages, including 100% first year capital allowances.

The application process is simple and quick. Call us today and enjoy the benefits of LED.

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