RAIL Applications

ASD Lighting’s extensive knowledge and expertise has led us to undertake lighting projects for the rail industry. Our LED luminaires offer a comprehensive lighting solution for any rail application, from platforms, canopies or subways, to car parks, offices and perimeter lighting.
You can rely on us to provide top quality fittings with minimal maintenance and maximum energy savings.

Platform Lighting

Important to the safety of both station staff and high volumes of passengers, platform lighting needs to meet industry standards such as illuminance uniformity and glare minimisation allowing for free and safe movement throughout the station; keeping the platform edge, moving trains and any signage clearly visible.

Platform Canopy Lighting

Canopy Lighting requires hard-wearing, weatherproof, anti-vandal luminaires, functional in both weak daylight and night time conditions for the safety of passengers and keeping maintenance costs low.

Footbridge & Subway Lighting

Tough and vandal proof, our footbridge and subway lighting keeps every area a bright, welcoming, safe & secure space.

Outdoor / Indoor Car Park Lighting

Similar to platform lighting, car park lighting requires excellent illuminance and minimal glare for pedestrian safety, making navigating the car park easy and risk-free, while promoting longer product life and reduced maintenance costs with vandal resistant luminaires.

Handrail Lighting

Meeting government accessibility standards for stations by providing well lit steps and stairs without glare.

Buffer Stop Lighting

Weather and vandal resistant, our bulkheads are ideal for buffer stop applications.