Wentworth Lantern

Wentworth Lantern A Victorian style exterior luminaire.

The Wentworth lantern has an antique elegant style which brings together the best of both worlds. This fitting provides period charm and character with the latest in lamp technology.

Available in standard GLS, HF compact florescent and LED options, the Wentworth is also available in a dusk till dawn PC version.

The large hexagonal Victorian style lantern is manufactured from Brass or Copper. featuring period design and large attractive finial, the luminiares are lacquered finished to help prevent tarnishing.

The lenses are provided in frosted, shatter-proof polycarbonate. The Wentworth also offers a die-cast aluminium mounting arm with sconce.


  • Long life.
  • Energy efficient operation.
  • Reliability.
  • Maintenance free operation.
  • Unlimited switching.
  • Photocell option.
  • Complete with mounting arm.


  • Body: Brass or copper, lacquered finish.
  • Lenses: Polycarbonate.
  • Mounting arm: Diecast aluminium.


  • IP44.
  • ‘F’ Mark.
  • CE.
  • BS EN 60598.
  • Class I.
32W HF
42W HF
12 LED
Wentworth 150W BrassCLW/ZF150U
Wentworth 150W CopperCLW/D150U
Wentworth 32W HF BrassCLW/ZF132E
Wentworth 32W HF CopperCLW/D132E
Wentworth 42W HF BrassCLW/ZF142E
Wentworth 42W HF CopperCLW/D142E
Wentworth 12 LED BrassCLW/ZFLED12
Wentworth 12 LED CopperCLW/DLED12
Wentworth 150W PC BrassCLW/ZF150UC
Wentworth 150W PC CopperCLW/D150UC
Wentworth 32W HF PC BrassCLW/ZF132EC
Wentworth 32W HF PC CopperCLW/D132EC
Wentworth 42W HF PC BrassCLW/ZF142C
Wentworth 42W HF PC CopperCLW/D142C
Wentworth 12 LED PC BrassCLW/ZFLED12C
Wentworth 12 LED PC CopperCLW/DLED12C