Titan High efficiency anti vandal luminaire.

The Titan is an innovative approach to vandal resistant lighting. The Titan really does live up to it’s name, sporting a 1.2mm mild steel armour shell and incorporated bend forms for further strength.
Equally the 4mm thick polycarbonate diffuser presents no weak point, withstanding the toughest anti-vandal treatment.

Available in prismatic GE Lexan. The Titan has a removable gear tray that not only helps to increase illuminance output, but allows future retrofit and replacement options.

Suitable for healthcare & secure units, external tunnels and public walkways the invincible is available in 1200mm 1500mm lengths as standard and can also be fitted with integral 3 hour maintained emergency and corridor function.


  • Surface mounted.
  • Vandal resistant polycarbonate.
  • Emergency version.
  • eMotion™ Corridor version.
  • 600mm, 1200mm & 1500mm lengths available.
  • Sealed to IP65 (other versions may be rated differently).
  • Life of 60,000 hours to L70/B50 (5 x the life of flourescent lighting).
  • IP20 + IP65.


  • Body: Steel.
  • Diffuser: Polycarbonate.


  • Wall or ceiling mount.
  • Microwave sensor option.
  • Corridor Function option.


  • IP20 + IP65.
  • ‘F’ Mark.
  • CE.
  • BS EN 60598.

Product Options

ProductEM3e-MotionMicrowaveDimIP56Night LightSelf Test

LED Characteristics

CodeSystem Power (W)Delivered Lumens (lm)Efficacy (lm/W)CRIColour Temp (K)

Product Codes

Titan 1200 LED 3000TT12/WK4LED3000
Titan 1200 LED 3000 EM3TT12/WK4LED3000M
Titan 1200 LED 3000 Corridor FunctionTT12/WK4LED3000-CFP
Titan 1200 LED 3000 Emergency Corridor FunctionTT12/WK4LED3000M-CFP
Titan 1200 LED 6000TT12/WK4LED6000
Titan 1200 LED 6000 EM3TT12/WK4LED6000M
Titan 1200 LED 6000 Corridor FunctionTT12/WK4LED6000-CFP
Titan 1200 LED 6000 Emergency Corridor FunctionTT12/WK4LED6000M-CFP
Titan 1200 LED 7500TT12/WK4LED7500
Titan 1200 LED 7500 EM3TT12/WK4LED7500M
Titan 1200 LED 7500 Corridor FunctionTT12/WK4LED7500-CFP
Titan 1200 LED 7500 Emergency Corridor FunctionTT12/WK4LED7500M-CFP
Titan 1200 2 X 28W T5 HFTT12/WK228E
Titan 1200 2 X 28W T5 HF EM3TT12/WK228EM
Titan 1200 2 X 28W T5 HF Corridor FunctionTT12/WK228E-CFP
Titan 1200 2 X 28W T5 HF EM3 Corridor FunctionTT12/WK228EM-CFP
Titan 1200 2 X 54W T5 HFTT12/WK254E
Titan 1200 2 X 54W T5 HF EM3TT12/WK254EM
Titan 1200 2 X 54W T5 HF Corridor FunctionTT12/WK254E-CFP
Titan 1200 2 X 54W T5 HF EM3 Corridor FunctionTT12/WK254EM-CFP
Titan 1500 2 X 35W T5 HFTT15/WK235E
Titan 1500 2 X 35W T5 HF EM3TT15/WK235EM
Titan 1500 2 X 35W T5 HF Corridor FunctionTT15/WK235E-CFP
Titan 1500 2 X 35W T5 HF EM3 Corridor FunctionTT15/WK235EM-CFP
Titan 1500 2 X 49W T5 HFTT15/WK249E
Titan 1500 2 X 49W T5 HF EM3TT15/WK249EM
Titan 1500 2 X 49W T5 HF Corridor FunctionTT15/WK249E-CFP
Titan 1500 2 X 49W T5 HF EM3 Corridor FunctionTT15/WK249EM-CFP