Square One

Square One A square internal decorative luminaire.

The Square One and it’s contemporary design provides energy saving ambient lighting; in a highly unique and original way.  Functionality and design has never been simpler to achieve; each side is cambered to provide an eye-catching fitting that can either be mounted as a square or diamond.

This striking design hides the tough aspects of the products construction, cleverly utilising shatterproof polycarbonate for the Square One’s body and diffuser to provide a tough hard-wearing unit. The choice of finishes will complement a wealth of installations; Showrooms, Receptions, Corridors, Retail, Museums & Galleries; wherever a flexible, attractive, energy saving luminaire is demanded.

With the inherent flexibility provided in all ASD’s office and commercial range the Square One offers a choice of operating options: High Frequency and Integral High Frequency 3 hour Maintained Emergency and is available in a range of lamp and LED options.


  • Wall or ceiling mounting.
  • Intergral 3 hour maintained emergency option (HF).
  • Standard lamp options:- 16W, 28W, 38W and 55W compact fluorescent lamps in 2700°K (3500°K and 4000°K also available).
  • Self test emergency option.
  • Tough polycarbonate body and diffuser.
  • Wire drop down pendant.
  • LED options available.
  • e-Motion™ corridor function.


  • Fascia: Vandal resistant polycarbonate in white / chrome / brass / satin aluminium / graphite finish. Other colours available on request.
  • Diffuser: Vandal resistant polycarbonate in opal, with self-extinguishing fire properties.
  • Body: Vandal resistant polycarbonate in white, other colours available on request.
  • Base: Powder coated aluminium finished in RAL 9016.


  • Wall or ceiling mount.
  • BESA fixing and rear cable entry. 3 way mains terminal block. 4 way terminal block for emergency versions.


  • IP20 (IP44 available as an option).
  • ‘F’ Mark.
  • CE.
  • BS EN 60598.
  • Class I.

Product Options

TypeHFEM3e-MotionMicrowaveDimIP44Night LightSelf Test
LED 1800
LED 16

LED Characteristics

CodeSystem Power (W)Delivered Lumens (lm)Efficacy (lm/W)CRIColour Temp (K)

Product Codes

Square One LED 1800 White Opal IP20SQ4/WL4LED1800
Square One LED 1800 Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZL4LED1800
Square One LED 1800 Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HL4LED1800
Square One LED 1800 Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FL4LED1800
Square One LED 1800 Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GL4LED1800
Square One LED 1800 EM3 White Opal IP20SQ4/WL4LED1800M
Square One LED 1800 EM3 Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZL4LED1800M
Square One LED 1800 EM3 Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HL4LED1800M
Square One LED 1800 EM3 Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FL4LED1800M
Square One LED 1800 EM3 Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GL4LED1800M
Square One LED 16 White Opal IP20SQ4/WLLED16
Square One LED 16 Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZLLED16
Square One LED 16 Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HLLED16
Square One LED 16 Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FLLED16
Square One LED 16 Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GLLED16
Square One LED 16 EM3 White Opal IP20SQ4/WLLED16M
Square One LED 16 EM3 Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZLLED16M
Square One LED 16 EM3 Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HLLED16M
Square One LED 16 EM3 Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FLLED16M
Square One LED 16 EM3 Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GLLED16M
Square One 28W HF White Opal IP20SQ4/WL728E
Square One 28W HF Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZL728E
Square One 28W HF Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HL728E
Square One 28W HF Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FL728E
Square One 28W HF Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GL728E
Square One 28W HF EM3 White Opal IP20SQ4/WL728EM
Square One 28W HF EM3 Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZL728EM
Square One 28W HF EM3 Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HL728EM
Square One 28W HF EM3 Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FL728EM
Square One 28W HF EM3 Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GL728EM
Square One 38W HF White Opal IP20SQ4/WL738E
Square One 38W HF Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZL738E
Square One 38W HF Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HL738E
Square One 38W HF Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FL738E
Square One 38W HF Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GL738E
Square One 38W HF EM3 White Opal IP20SQ4/WL738EM
Square One 38W HF EM3 Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZL738EM
Square One 38W HF EM3 Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HL738EM
Square One 38W HF EM3 Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FL738EM
Square One 38W HF EM3 Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GL738EM
Square One 55W HF White Opal IP20SQ4/WL755E
Square One 55W HF Brass Opal IP20SQ4/ZL755E
Square One 55W HF Chrome Opal IP20SQ4/HL755E
Square One 55W HF Satin Aluminium Opal IP20SQ4/FL755E
Square One 55W HF Graphite Opal IP20SQ4/GL755E