Smart Flood

Smart Flood An excellent low energy fitting.

The Smart Flood is ideal for commercial or domestic use thanks to it’s security flood lighting uses.

This fitting is available in three colours, white, black or titanium and in several different output settings. This fitting has been made in vandal resistant polycarbonate and has been designed to be easy to install.

The low energy compact fluorescent lamps provide compliance with L1 building requirements for the provision of energy saving lighting.

The low energy smart flood has been expertly designed with an attention to detail. The compact and robust impact resistant UV stabilised polycarbonate casing offers a lightweight, shatter-proof unit with a host of features to help speed up installation time.


  • IP65.
  • Integral photocell option. (external use only).
  • PIR options (110° or 180°).
  • Polycarbonate body and diffuser.
  • Light weight.
  • Compact & robust construction.
  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Asymmetric reflector.
  • Hinged front fascia.
  • Available in: black, white and titanium finishes.
  • When the diffuser is placed horizontally the luminaire provides zero upward light.


  • Body: Vandal resistant polycarbonate self extinguishing fire properties in black / white / titanium.
  • Reflector: Asymmetric specular reflector.
  • Diffuser: Clear vandal resistant polycarbonate.
  • Coloured diffusers available on request.


  • Cable gland entry.
  • 3 way mains terminal block. 4 way terminal block for photocell version.
  • Quick fix mounting bracket.
  • Ratchet system on bracket.
  • Innovative snap handles.
  • Adjustable stirrup bracket with angle dial.
  • Corner bracket available.
  • 400mm sign extension bar available.


  • IP65.
  • ‘F’ Mark.
  • CE.
  • BS EN 60598.
  • Class I.
ProductSSHFPIR 110PIR 180Photocell
SmartFlood 13W HF BlackSFL/B113E
SmartFlood 13W HF WhiteSFL/W113E
SmartFlood 13W HF TitaniumSFL/X113E
SmartFlood 18W HF BlackSFL/B118E
SmartFlood 18W HF WhiteSFL/W118E
SmartFlood 18W HF TitaniumSFL/X118E
SmartFlood 26W HF BlackSFL/B126E
SmartFlood 26W HF WhiteSFL/W126E
SmartFlood 26W HF TitaniumSFL/X126E
SmartFlood 32W HF BlackSFL/B132E
SmartFlood 32W HF WhiteSFL/W132E
SmartFlood 32W HF TitaniumSFL/X132E
SmartFlood 42W HF BlackSFL/B142E
SmartFlood 42W HF WhiteSFL/W142E
SmartFlood 42W HF TitaniumSFL/X142E
SmartFlood 13W HF Black + PhotocellSFL/B113EC
SmartFlood 13W HF White + PhotocellSFL/W113EC
SmartFlood 13W HF Titanium + PhotocellSFL/X113EC
SmartFlood 18W HF Black + PhotocellSFL/B118EC
SmartFlood 18W HF White + PhotocellSFL/W118EC
SmartFlood 18W HF Titanium + PhotocellSFL/X118EC
SmartFlood 26W HF Black + PhotocellSFL/B126EC
SmartFlood 26W HF White + PhotocellSFL/W126EC
SmartFlood 26W HF Titanium + PhotocellSFL/X126EC
SmartFlood 32W HF Black + PhotocellSFL/B132EC
SmartFlood 32W HF White + PhotocellSFL/W132EC
SmartFlood 32W HF Titanium + PhotocellSFL/X132EC
SmartFlood 42W HF Black + PhotocellSFL/B142EC
SmartFlood 42W HF White + PhotocellSFL/W142EC
SmartFlood 42W HF Titanium + PhotocellSFL/X142EC
SmartFlood 26W HF Black + 110u00b0 PIRnSFL/B126EEP
SmartFlood 26W HF White + 110u00b0 PIRnSFL/W126EEP
SmartFlood 26W HF Titanium + 110u00b0 PIRnSFL/X126EEP
SmartFlood 26W HF Black + 180u00b0 PIRnSFL/B126EPH
SmartFlood 26W HF White + 180u00b0 PIRnSFL/W126EPH
SmartFlood 26W HF Titanium + 180u00b0 PIRnSFL/X126EPH
SmartFlood 42W HF Black + 110u00b0 PIRnSFL/B142EEP
SmartFlood 42W HF White + 110u00b0 PIRnSFL/W142EEP
SmartFlood 42W HF Titanium + 110u00b0 PIRnSFL/X142EEP
SmartFlood 42W HF Black + 180u00b0 PIRnSFL/B142EPH
SmartFlood 42W HF White + 180u00b0 PIRnSFL/W142EPH
SmartFlood 42W HF Titanium + 180u00b0 PIRnSFL/X142EPH
SmartFlood Black Sign Extension Arm 400mmSFL/B4SE
SmartFlood White Sign Extension Arm 400mmSFL/W4SE
SmartFlood Titanium Sign Extension Arm 400mmSFL/X4SE
SmartFlood Corner Bracket BlackSFL/CB