Highway Diamond LED

Highway Diamond LED A high quality exterior lighting luminaire

The Highway Diamond LED is a brand new exterior luminaire designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. Its distinctive modern aesthetic design and high specification makes this product the must have exterior luminaire.

Like other members of the Highway LED street lighting range, it produces quality uniform LED lighting suitable for use on residential streets, car parks, public amenity areas, parks, footpaths, railway and many other transport platforms.

The Highway Diamond LED is offered as standard as an IP66, IK10 luminaire, with high engineering build quality and packaged in a small housing, with both a low weight and windage. The high specification includes a tool free removable gear tray and tool free access to the gear compartment, making it both extremely quick and easy to install as well as to maintain.

Designed entirely for an LED light source and engineered with exacting standards the Highway Diamond LED is able to both match and exceed the varied requirements and demands of local authorities, architects, consultants and designers alike. The body is manufactured from LM6 die cast aluminium which is highly corrosive resistant, chromate treated and powder coated in your choice of RAL colour.


Standard Offer

  • RAL 9005 / RAL 9006.
  • 4000K Neutral White.
  • 8 - 44 LEDs (350mA or 500mA & 700mA).
  • 9 Photometric Lens Options S0 - S8.
  • Die Cast Aluminium - LM6 (Chromated & Powder Coated).
  • UV Stable Polycarbonate Front Cover.
  • IP66.
  • IK10.
  • Tool Less Entry To Gear Compartment.
  • Tool Free Driver Gear Tray Replacement.
  • Tool Free Maintenance.
  • Automatic Disconnect Safety Feature.
  • Inbuilt Anti-Tamper Facility To Secure Gear Compartment.
  • Post Top / Side Entry.
  • Universal Spigot Ø60mm - Ø76mm Spigot Entry.
  • -5 to 20° Tilt Options.
  • Plain, NEMA Socket, Complete with Mini Cell.
  • 100,000 Hour Design Life (L90 F10).
  • Weighs less than 5kg


  • Die Cast Aluminium - LM6 (Chromated & Powder Coated).
  • UV Stable Polycarbonate Front Cover.
  • 316 stainless fixings (marine grade).
  • PMMA Lenses.


  • Post Top / Side Entry.
  • Universal Spigot Ø76mm Spigot Entry.
  • -5 to 20° Tilt Options.
  • CMS options.
  • Reducers available.


  • IP66.
  • IK10.
  • BS EN 60958.
  • BS 5459.
  • BS EN 13201.
  • EN 60529-1-3.

LED Characteristics

CodeSystem Power (W)Delivered Lumens (lm)Efficacy (lm/W)CRIColour Temp (K)


Product Codes

Highway DiamondPartcodeExample Product Code
60mm - 76mm Spigot,
28mm - 42mm Spigot
Colour OptionsPartcodeExample Product Code
Black, Light GreyB, JHWD/B
Correlated Colour TemperaturePartcodeExample Product Code
3000K, 4000K3, 4HWD/B4
LED QuantityPartcodeExample Product Code
8 LEDs, 12 LEDs, 16 LEDs, 20 LEDs, 24 LEDs,
28 LEDs, 32 LEDs, 36 LEDs, 40 LEDs, 44 LEDs
LED8, LED12, LED16, LED20, LED24,
LED28, LED32, LED36, LED40, LED44
Drive CurrentPartcodeExample Product Code
350mA, 500mA, 700mA35, 50, 70HWD/B4LED1635
SwitchingPartcodeExample Product Code
Plain, Mini Cell, NEMA Socket-, C, NSHWD/B4LED1635NS
OpticsPartcodeExample Product Code
S0 Optic, S1 Optic, S2 Optic, S3 Optic, S4 Optic,
S5 Optic, S6 Optic, S7 Optic, S8 Optic
-S0, -S1, -S2, -S3, -S4,
-S5, -S6, -S7, -S8
Additional Option - Pre WiredPartcodeExample Product Code
3 Core (Length in metres)-W...HWD/B4LED1635NS-S4-W6