Highway Diamond LED

Highway Diamond LED Highway Diamond™, a class of its own

The Highway Diamond™ LED is an exterior lighting luminaire. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Like other members of the ASD Street Lighting range, it produces quality uniform LED lighting suitable for use on residential streets, car parks, public amenity areas, parks, footpaths, rail platforms and many other applications.

Offered as standard as an IP66, IK10 luminaire. Packaged in a slim, featherlight and low windage housing.

The Highway Diamond includes a tool-free removable gear tray and gear compartment access, making installation and maintenance a breeze.

Designed for LED, engineered with exacting standards. the Highway Diamond LED matches and exceeds the requirements and demands of local authorities, architects, consultants and designers alike.

Manufactured from LM6 die cast aluminium the body is corrosion resistant and chromate treated. Plus we’ll powder coat it in your choice of RAL colour.


Code Options
Options Add suffix to code
3 Hour Maintained Emergency M-S1
Mini Cell C-S1
NEMA Socket NS-S1
Attachment Options Code
Wall Bracket HWD/B90
Side Entry Spigot HWDS
Front Light Shield HWD/BLS100F
Side Light Shield HWD/BLS100S
Rear Light Shield HWD/BLS100R


Colour Finish Options Change Code
Light Grey HWD/J


LED Highway Diamond Code Colour Current Rating CRI CCT Power Lumens Efficacy Emergency Mini Cell NEMA Socket PIR Available
LED 16 HWD/B4LED1635-S1 Black 350mA IP66 80 4000K 19W 2096lm 110lm/W
LED 16 HWD/B4LED1650-S1 Black 500mA IP66 80 4000K 27W 2856lm 105lm/W
LED 24 HWD/B4LED2435-S1 Black 350mA IP66 80 4000K 29W 3227lm 111lm/W
LED 24 HWD/B4LED2450-S1 Black 500mA IP66 80 4000K 40W 4342lm 108lm/W
LED 32 HWD/B4LED3235-S1 Black 350mA IP66 80 4000K 37W 4216lm 114lm/W
LED 32 HWD/B4LED3250-S1 Black 350mA IP66 80 4000K 52W 5657lm 108lm/W
LED 48 HWD/B4LED4435-S1 Black 350mA IP66 80 4000K 48W 5741lm 119lm/W
LED 48 HWD/B4LED4450-S1 Black 500mA IP66 80 4000K 68W 7587lm 111lm/W