Highway Crystal LED Brochure

Highway Crystal LED Brochure 2016

The Highway Crystal LED is a high quality exterior lighting luminaire designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

It produces quality uniform LED lighting suitable for use on residential streets, main roads, car parks, public amenity areas, parks, footpaths, platform lighting and many other applications.

Designed entirely for an LED light source, and engineered with exacting standards, the Highway Crystal LED Street is able to both match or exceed the varied requirements and demands of local authorities, architects, consultants and designers alike. The body is manufactured from LM6 die cast aluminium which is highly corrosive resistant and finished in your choice of RAL Colour.

All the products have been manufactured to the highest standards, are ‘CE’ marked and conform to the latest British and European standards.

The Highway Crystal LED incorporates market leading photometric performance and light uniformity. Providing a choice of 9 standard distributions (S0 – S8) to suit a variety of M, CE & P class road/street geometries, right through to a glare class of G6. Having such a range of distributions coupled with a vast array of lumen outputs allows Highway LED to maximise spacing, efficiencies and energy savings, while dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership against traditional light sources.