Emergency Slim 8 LED

Emergency Slim 8 LED A tough and robust emergency luminaire

The Emergency Slim 8 LED is an attractive and tough slim line maintained, or non-maintained, emergency luminaire which is manufactured in vandal resistant polycarbonate.

To ease installation the fittings have a hinged gear tray and 6 x 20mm knock outs. The IP55 rated units are provided with white base and prismatic diffuser.


  • Non-maintained & Maintained options.
  • Screw down diffuser.
  • IP55.
  • Vandal resistant polycarbonate base and diffuser.
  • Hinged gear tray.
  • 6 x 20mm knock outs for additional functions.
  • Designed BS EN 60598.
  • Running Man Exit Legend: LBLB086.
  • Photocell options.


  • Body: Vandal resistant polycarbonate selfextinguishing fire properties in white.
  • Diffuser: Vandal resistant polycarbonate in prismatic, with self-extinguishing fire properties.


  • Wall or ceiling mount.
  • Multi 20mm knock-outs.
  • Screw down lid.
  • Photocell options.
  • External use only.


  • IP55.
  • ‘F’ Mark.
  • CE.
  • BS EN 60598.
  • Class I.
ProductEM33 Hour Non Maintained
LED 12
LED 12 White PrismaticSL/WPLED12
LED 12 Maintained White PrismaticSL/WPLED12M
LED 12 Non-Maintained White PrismaticSL/WPLED12N