E-Motion Scene

E-Motion Scene Infra-red scene setting system.

The E-Motion Scene is a infra-red scene setting system which provides 3 program scenes suitable for a variety of applications such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, lecture theatres, or any space where a selection of lighting scenes may be required.

Requires the use of dimmable ballasts, an infra-red receiver and a hand held controller to create three separate lighting scenes, with an over ride facility.

The control module is connected using a two wire bus system taken to each luminaire. The infra-red receiver is then connected to the control module.

Using the hand held programmer, all the required lighting scenes can be set up simply and quickly. Hard wired switches can be incorporated into the system at any position.

The result is a professional solution that is easy to handle, simple to install and extremely cost-effective. A wide range of ASD luminaires are suitable for use with e-motion SCENE.