E-Motion One Touch

E-Motion One Touch Simple, cost-effective and extremely user-friendly.

The E-Motion One Touch is a simple to install and cost effective system for switching and dimming of up to 25 ballasts (Digital H.F regulating). A system normally associated with single rooms.

By the use of a push to make switch, a single press will turn the luminaires on or off. Pressing and holding the switch will dim or brighten the lamps.

The E-Motion One Touch provides a simple but ingenious way of switching and dimming fluorescent fittings from ASD, all with a simple conventional mains voltage switch.

In a direct comparison with other cost-effective control methods, it not only has a distinct cost advantage (a switch is cheaper for example than a 1…10 V potentiometer) it also offers numerous intelligent functions.


  • Silent operation.
  • A wide range of ASD luminaires are suitable for this system.
  • Simple, cost-effective and extremely user-friendly.
  • Powerless switching via the control interface.
  • Two way or multi-position switching is possible.
  • Any number of conventional switches.
  • The control signal corresponds to the mains voltage.
  • Fade rate 2.55 sec. (1 % to 100 %)
  • Unlimited length of the control line
  • Control of a theoretically unlimited number of ballasts (recommended: 25 ballasts per system).
  • Dimming possible via a second phase.