E-Motion Microwave

E-Motion Microwave Fully adjustable settings to suit any installation.

The interior range from ASD Lighting now offers the option of including the E-Motion Microwave, the latest state-of-the-art sensor technology. High-frequency sensors can be invisibly concealed inside a number of our attractive luminaires. The sensor instantly responds to the tiniest movement, regardless of temperature and will automatically switch “ON” the light.

Integral HF “Microwave” Sensor

The system uses remote or integral microwave detectors which upon sensing movement switches all luminaires on the system up to full output.
When no movement is detected, after a preset time the system turns off after activation time elapses.


  • Fully adjustable settings to suit any installation.
  • Takes full advantage of energy savings.
  • Can be up to 70% on a 24 hour application.
  • A wide range of ASD Lighting luminaires are suitable for use with e-motion MICROWAVE sensor.
  • Safety, convenience and energy saving because light comes "ON" automatically.
  • Extremely rapid response time.
  • Reliable, all-round detection regardless of ambient temperature and direction of movement.
  • Reach, light threshold and "ON" time adjustable to suit needs.
  • Rapid installation: Sensor and light = 1 connection.