E-Motion Emergency

E-Motion Emergency Intelligence emergency lighting.

The E-Motion Emergency uses the intelligence of individually addressable EmPRO emergency lighting unit which is now available for small emergency lighting systems. This is thanks to the new e-PANNEL, which has been developed with user-friendliness as an absolute priority.

Systems are available to connect up to 60 or 120 emergency lighting units. Three addresses are reserved for relay modules so that different operating conditions can be indicated by signal lamps.

The e-PANNEL is synonymous with simple configuration, with high-quality monitoring and automatic triggering of all the emergency lighting tests prescribed in the relevant standards. These include the check on the operability of modules, batteries and lamps, the annual service life test and the commissioning check after installation in accordance with the self-test standard as per IEC 62034.

An algorithm automatically assigns all the addresses to six test groups so that the prescribed tests on the emergency lighting units start at staggered times. This ensures that there are always enough luminaires operational at any one time should there be a mains failure. A perfect example of intelligent functionality.

Fault messages are shown on the e-PANNEL display, stored in memory and maintained as a log book. The data can be read out via an infra-red link and further processed (archived for example), burnt onto CD or printed out.


  • Connect up to 60 or 120 emergency lighting units.
  • Three addresses are reserved for relay modules.
  • Self-test standard as per IEC 62034.