E-Motion Day Light

E-Motion Day Light Intelligent system with some programmability.

The E-Motion Day Light system uses digital DSI Ballasts and a light sensor. If the available daylight level falls, the luminaires are automatically turned on at a pre-set value.

Lighting control systems and lighting management systems have established themselves as permanent features of modern lighting solutions and provide the basis for daylight-dependent lighting.

The E-Motion Day Light is most commonly used to dim the row of luminaires closest to the windows in open spaces to create a defined constant light value along the window row, or possibly further into an open space if daylight penetration comes from skylights / roof windows.

The basic components needed are a DSI room sensor and dimmable control gear for the various light sources. With such an array of products any lighting task can be covered.

Tailored to individual requirements, the intelligent lighting control systems and lighting management systems from ASD are based on the versatility of the digital interface and the self-detection capacity of the control signal.


  • Intelligent system with some programmability which remains simple to install.
  • Savings of up to 30% can be made in energy use.
  • Presence / absence detectors can be incorporated into the system to take full advantage of any further energy savings to be made.