E-Motion Corridor

E-Motion Corridor A simple but powerful lighting control system.

The E-Motion Corridor can control a range of lamp types including 2D, compact fluorescent and T5 circular and now LED, a system unique in the LED marketplace to ASD lighting.

ASD has a wide range of dimmable luminaires that are suitable for use with ASDs’ e-MOTION systems.

Ideal for stairwells and corridors where lighting is required to be turned on 24/7 but may only be actively used for a small proportion of that time. For example, hotels etc.

On emergency or secondary stairwells or healthcare corridors where luminaires are required to be turned on but in reality these areas are rarely used.


  • Corridor starts at its pre-set dimming % (eg 10%).
  • Once the sensor picks up movement the fittings instantly come up to full brightness.
  • As you move along the corridor and the activation time elapses on the first fittings they dim back down to their pre-set dimming % (eg 10%).