Architectural Flood

Architectural Flood A high performance and durable luminaire

The Architectural Flood is a powerful luminaire, ideal for up lighting and flood illumination.

The asymmetrical high purity anodised aluminium reflector makes it ideal for building facades, signs and vertical lighting or applications such as car parks and recreational areas.  The adjustable stirrup enables the user to angle the light perfectly.

This fitting is an good choice for sports venues, commercial buildings, car parks and many more areas.

For use with either metal halide (MBI) or high pressure sodium (SON-T) light sources. Provided with a durable die cast aluminium body which promotes heat dissipation and cool running. The unit has toughened glass cover held in position with clips.


  • Die cast Aluminium body finished in black.
  • Toughened glass.
  • IP65.
  • Designed to BS EN 60598.
  • Supplied with lamp.


  • Body: Die cast aluminium in black.
  • Reflector: Symmetrical anodised aluminium.
  • Diffuser: Toughened glass.


  • Surface mount.
  • Adjustable Stirrup, bracket & angle dial.


  • IP65.
  • ‘F’ Mark.
  • CE.
  • BS EN 60598.
  • Class I.
Architectural Flood SON
Architectural Flood 150W SON TFML/BSTCT15
Architectural Flood 250W SON TFML/BSTCT25
Architectural Flood 400W SON TFML/BSTCT40
Architectural Flood MBI
Architectural Flood 150W Metal HalideFML/BSTCM15
Architectural Flood 250W Metal HalideFML/BSTCM25
Architectural Flood 400W Metal HalideFML/BSTCM40