2D Lamp

2D Lamp Energy Saver Lamp.

The 2D Lamp is ideal for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The slim flat profile and neat dimensions make the lamp suitable for use in utility lighting situations. The butterfly tube configuration provides an even light distribution over a large area.

The lamps are available in 16W, 21W, 28W, 38W & 55W options, with a choice of colour temperature.


  • 10,000 hours average rated life.
  • For use with internal and external fittings.
  • 16W and 28W, 2 or 4 pin versions available.
  • 2700°K, 3500°K or 4000°K options.
  • Conforms to CE.
  • Protective polystyrene inner packaging.
2 Pin16W3500°kLAM109
2 Pin16W2700°kLAM110
4 Pin16W3500°kLAM111
2 Pin16W4000°kLAM343
4 Pin21W3500°kLAM210
2 Pin28W3500°kLAM113
2 Pin28W2700°kLAM114
4 Pin28W3500°kLAM115
4 Pin28W2700°kLAM116
4 Pin28W4000°kLAM344
4 Pin38W3500°kLAM124
4 Pin38W4000°kLAM345
4 Pin55W3500°kLAM213