Quality Matters at ASD.

With this testing equipment we are able to ascertain the photometric flicker of a luminaire, reporting percentage flicker, flicker index and frequency.

Sophisticated software also allows us to carry out overnight emergency output testing where we charge and discharge self contained emergency luminaires. The lumen output of the system is measured over a 3 hour discharge period enabling us to accurately report rated emergency outputs or ballast lumen factors. Housed in the adjacent laboratory is our 14 meter long far field Goniophotometer equipment. With this equipment we are able to measure the emitted luminous intensity of our luminaires at all angles. Software allows us to measure and produce angular intensity data, calculate luminous flux, generate Eulumdat and IES photometric files for luminaires up to 2 meters in length and weighing in excess of 50 kg.


  • Photometric labs maintained at 25° centigrade
  • Equipped with constant voltage regulated supplies
  • All products are tested for:
  • Voltage
  • Amperage
  • Power
  • VA
  • VAr
  • All testing is conducted by our qualified personnel
  • Compliant with European testing regulation
  • Customers can be confident in our photometric data